Automated Customer Service Messaging

What would help your sales and services team improve their customer communication and relieve the additional workload to keep their customers happy and updated? How does the management and service supervisors follow-up with customers and prospects after their engagement with the customer services and sales teams? By automating the post visit and engagement follow up, you can be assured that the customer follow-up is not delayed and the message to continue nurturing the customer relationship is ready to go out immediately after the communication is updated into your CRM.

To automate the entire process, the pioneer of mobility solutions used Reson8 and integrated it with their CRM to automatically send customer engagement and experience messages and request feedback from their prospective customers on their experience. Based on the feedback, further actions can be taken to help the customer with their purchase decision or service follow up. The message was used to tell the customer or prospect to participate in a simple survey to track the quality of their experience and overall satisfaction. With a clear opt-out option the customer was also given the choice to disengage from future follow up.

Reson8’s API and platform can be tailored to support a variety of message automation processes with pre-defined message templates for different interactions and with options for shortened URLs to fit all the communication with the 160 characters limitation of SMS messages. Based on the response from the customer, additional drip campaigns can be configured to offer incentives and discounts to customers that need that extra support to make their decision.

Deliver a better experience to your customers using pre-configured messages and improve customer engagement and lead nurturing with Reson8. Get in touch with our digital engagement team to help evaluate your message automation!

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