Technology is moving so quickly that it has become difficult for businesses to stay on top of each tech trend. This also makes it tougher to decide what your retail business should embrace and what could just be a fad. Implementing new technology requires money and resources, so retailers need to be sure that it’s […]

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For years, government agencies across the world have been struggling to find a suitable way to communicate with the public on a mass level and deliver government services efficiently to them. Chatbots have been taking the world by storm and not just in the realms of retail or customer service. Today, chatbots are present in […]

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The evolution of mobile technology has literally made information available at our fingertips and has hence eliminated the need for human assistance. With consumer digital expectations rising, a lot of banks are leveraging the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and chatbots to reduce costs, improve efficiency and become tech-savvy. A recent study by Juniper revealed […]

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