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Why Multilingual Chatbots?

Multilingual chatbots are the next big thing in the world of artificial intelligence. They allow businesses to interact with customers in the language that they prefer. This is a huge advantage in an increasingly globalized world.

Multilingual chatbots are no longer a novelty- they are a necessity.

Chinese has more native speakers than any other language, followed by Hindi and Urdu, which have the same linguistic origins in northern India. English comes next with 527 million native speakers. Arabic is used by nearly 100 million more native speakers than Spanish.

Many businesses are still struggling to deal with the change brought about by the internet and the digital world. The rise of e-commerce has changed the way that people buy products and services. Online stores have changed the way that people shop. All of this change has created a huge demand for multilingual chatbots.

Thanks to AI and machine learning, multilingual chatbots are now capable of understanding and responding to human language. They can carry out conversations, answer questions, and solve problems. They can even work on their own, without any human intervention, to provide information to customers. This is an incredible development that was not possible even a few years ago.

Multilingual chatbots will become increasingly important in the years ahead. They will allow businesses to reach out to new markets and speak to customers in their own language. This will help to eliminate language barriers and create a more unified world.

What is Reson8?

Reson8 started its digital communications journey with SMS and Email and soon became the go-to tool for several of our customers in banking, transportation, retail, healthcare, and other key industries.

Reson8 has now added a new feature called Reson8 Conversations to support the use of WhatsApp Business Accounts and AI conversational automation, as well as an agent interface for human agents to support your employees, customers and key points of contact.

Reson8 continues to enhance the product to provide a variety of technical modes for businesses to connect with customers and use the available channels and modes of managing marketing and corporate communications with their customers and employees.

Utilize Reson8 Conversation to enhance your customer communication

How Does it Work?

There is a need for chatbots that can understand the language of their users, no matter the language. This is becoming a necessity especially with the growing amount of cross-border e-commerce transactions and the increasing popularity of content in foreign languages.

For example, a visitor from the Middle East might want to buy an item from a English website. With the help of a chatbot that can understand both English and Arabic, the visitor can communicate with the chatbot in Arabic and the chatbot can translate the query into English in order to service the requirement. A chatbot that can understand multiple languages can provide better communication between businesses and their customers.

Because of this, there is a need for multilingual chatbots that can understand multiple languages. With the development of these multilingual chatbots, more businesses across the globe will be able to use them and cross-border e-commerce will become easier.

Such chatbots have been developed before, but they were not very useful because they could only understand a few languages. If businesses want to use these chatbots, they need to install and maintain multiple bots, one for each language they want to support. This is not very practical and scalable. In order for such chatbots to be used widely by businesses and users, multilingual chatbots need to be able to understand more languages. With the growing availability of localized solution providers based in each specific market and higher volumes of cultural content and data being available for NLP (Natural Language Processing) training, the possibility of building chatbots that scale up to support multiple languages seems achievable, albeit they address specific cases.

Using available tools and technology, Reson8 can now be enhanced to support development of specific chatbot flows that can support multi-lingual conversations and offer menu based choices and direct users to their preferred language. From there, the conversational messages from the chatbot to that user will appear in the chosen language and help make the communication relatively smoother.

And if this still does not completely satisfy the user’s expectation of communicating with a native speaker, a fallback option, using Reson8 Conversations, to get a human agent that would be available to communicate with the users in their preferred language.

Demo and Pricing?

Ready to experience how a multi-lingual chatbot can help your company, try our Reson8 Bot and begin your chatbot experience. To get a walkthrough of how this can be developed and how it works, get in touch with us and let us help you to enhance your digital communications strategy.

Ready to experience how a multi-lingual chatbot can help your company?

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