Transforming Communication between Citizens and Government Using Chatbots

For years, government agencies across the world have been struggling to find a suitable way to communicate with the public on a mass level and deliver government services efficiently to them.

Chatbots have been taking the world by storm and not just in the realms of retail or customer service.

Today, chatbots are present in almost all sectors like insurance, retail, healthcare and have proved to be useful in each one of them. All these industries have leveraged the power of chatbots to interact with customers and keep them engaged.

After noticing the popularity of chatbots in various sectors and how it can be beneficial, many government agencies have begun to employ bots to deliver services more efficiently and manage the internal workforce better.

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Here are a few reasons how chatbots can help Government agencies work smarter:

1. Chatbots save costs:

Developing and maintaining a chatbot to handle customer queries is way cheaper than hiring a dedicated employee to do the same.

2. Always available:

With chatbots, customers no longer have to wait for business hours or make frustrating phone calls. Bot work 24/7, 365 days of the year and are always there to help customers out.

3. Easy to use and integrate:

Chatbots make for a conversational and engaging interface for customers. NLP and AI powered bots keep training and learning with each conversation.

Bots can easily identify user intent to answer questions seamlessly and provide a human touch. They can be integrated with any application and across any device easily.

4. Less manual handling:

By employing chatbots to handle customer complaints, requests and issues government agencies can reduce their workload and focus on other tasks which require human assistance.

5. Chatbots are super-fast:

Chatbots not only reply within seconds but also provide accurate replies thanks to machine learning technologies.

Customers can access information related to new regulations, procedures or changes easily via the bot. These bots can also be used to provide customers with forms, relevant links and other important details.

6. Get feedback:

With chatbots, governments can easily collect feedback regarding their services and facilities which can be used to improve the user’s experience.

Using the feedback the concerned authorities can check whether or not the community is satisfied with their work or if any changes are required.

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Power to the People, With Chatbots

Conversational governments are the need of the hour. Chatbots converse with users just like human beings and engage them with conversations that are personal and relevant.

Governments can use chatbots to strengthen the bond between the organisation and the citizens.

Chatbots provide a platform for customers to be heard. On the other hand, it takes away a chunk of the workload of government employees and allows them to focus on other activities. Reson8 Bots are channel-agnostic hence allowing you to connect with customers regardless of location, device or platform. Contact us to know more.

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