Automated Push Notifications for Delivery Service Planning using Reson8

DigIsal uses Reson8’s Push Notifications Service to automatically alert delivery drivers on assigned delivery orders and tasks to streamline planning and reduce friction in logistics, thus maintaining SLAs and achieving customer satisfaction.

The B2B segment has been required to meet an increasing set of challenges in a very short timeframe due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the growing requirement of becoming ready for eCommerce and addressing last mile deliveries for B2B, logistics teams and delivery managers have been tasked with ensuring high responsiveness to order placements, and delivery planning. Modern last-mile delivery platforms ensure that new B2B orders from retailers, delivery within prescribed timeslots, and last minute changes in orders are immediately updated in delivery workflows and jobs are assigned accordingly to drivers.

By using Reson8’s push notifications service, our B2B customers, that have implemented DigIsal for the delivery management, were able to instantly submit requests to alert their delivery drivers of new job assignments and get them moving efficiently without unnecessary stoppages, route diversions, vehicle idling and delays.

When orders are created in ERP or delivery planning tools, they would be automatically posted to DigIsal and once confirmed, these orders would be assigned to delivery vans. Once the assignment was successful, DigIsal would trigger requests to send notifications to the assigned drivers using Reson8’s Push Notification Service.

Reson8 then completes the push notification process to make sure that drivers are notified of the assignments and arrive on time to meet customers delivery schedules or collect items from the right location on time.

A separate SMS and email can also be triggered at the same time to the customer and merchandiser advising them of the planned delivery, so that both are informed at every step and the business delivers a predictable, superior and consistent customer experience with proactive alerts and notifications on ETAs and delays.

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