How Push Notifications Impact Conversions

Push notifications are not new but are rapidly growing in popularity by filling a gap between retargeting and email to drive traffic.

Companies work tirelessly to keep their customers engaged on their websites and apps, but when they leave, there are only a few options to bring them back.

Retargeting or via email are the only methods to reach that audience and get them back.

While retargeting requires no effort from the user, email marketing requires that the user be invested enough to engage with your content and click on the call to action (CTA) buttons.

On the other hand push notifications sit right in the middle. Over the past few years, push notifications have helped a lot of businesses to bring in the target audience through the re-engagement process. 

Reson8 Push Notifications are very simple and easy to use! They can be delivered to a user’s desktop or mobile device whenever they are connected to the internet and have their browser open. Users do not need to be on any website in particular to receive these push messages.

The journey from being a visitor to becoming a customer is crucial for every e-commerce or online business. To increase conversions, each step of the journey has to be optimized.

As a website or mobile app owner, it is important to ensure that the entire customer journey is seamless. Push notification can be used for e-commerce websites, blogs, travel apps, or any other websites and applications. Today customers have endless options when it comes to purchasing online. To get an edge over this competitive landscape, it is important to optimise your website and mobile apps. Using push notifications you can send your customers relevant reminders, notifications, personalised messages and much more.

Types Of Push Notifications You Can Send:

1. Alert-based: They are used to send users alerts about upcoming events, discounts, deals, or other offers. This builds excitement and creates a sense of curiosity among the customers.

2. Trigger-based:  By tracking the previous activity of your users, and you can send them notifications based on the products they have shown interest in.

3. Segment-based:  These notifications can be segmented based on various criteria like age, gender, geographical location to ensure the content you send is appealing and relevant to your customers.

The channel of push is rapidly evolving. Integrate your business goals with your audience’s expectations along with push notifications to get optimal results and stay ahead of the competition. 

If you would like to boost sales and ensure customers keep coming back, get in touch with us to create a powerful push notification campaign!

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