Managing Queues and Social Distancing With Reson8 SMS Alerts

Managing Queues and Social Distancing With Reson8 SMS Alerts

With the global spread of COVID-19, the way people move and the options for crowd management is constantly changing, with the need to adapt being important.

It is important for retail outlets, pharmacies, hospitals, and transportation hubs to help fight the pandemic by encouraging proper social distancing techniques and to educate staff and customers by utilising crowd control solutions.

An easy way to control crowds and maintain proper queues is with SMS. You can integrate your Queue Management Systems (QMS) with Reson8 SMS to enable remote queueing and notify customers of their turn.

Reson8 is a web-based option of sending SMS messages to your customers. You can seamlessly integrate your queue management system with Reson8 to send customers alerts of real-time queuing information and approximate wait time.

Businesses can help their customers practice social distancing, reduce interactions and minimise close interactions with the help of SMS alerts.

How SMS for queue management helps businesses?

Enforces Social Distancing:

Notify customers when it is nearly their turn or when their order is ready for collection to reduce crowds within the premises.

Manage Check-ins:

Enable contactless set up of appointments and check-ins via SMS which customers can do from their homes or cars

Eliminate Lines:

Inform customers of approximate wait time.

Provide Information:

Send appointment reminders, cancellation alerts or confirmation notifications via SMS to make information more accessible.

Eliminate crowds by keeping the queues virtual is the best way to maintain social distance. By providing virtual queues via SMS, you are enabling customers to wait in their cars or homes until their appointment times.

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