Microsite development and custom SMS API integration helps a customer easily communicate with their clients


A leading, global pharmaceutical company wanted to simplify its communication process, with SMS being the most efficient, cost-effective choice while providing a global reach.


Sales representatives spend most of their time on the road, talking with hospital personnel and physicians and promoting their company’s products. SMS has revolutionized business marketing because of its undeniable reach and enabling sales reps to have personalized interactions with customers all through their mobile devices.

The main intention of the company was to create a convenient and efficient way for their sales representatives to send an SMS to provide information about various products to doctors during field visits.

To find an easy solution, the company approached Unique Computer Systems as they are experienced in providing custom digital solutions. Unique Computer Systems developed a microsite to display all the product information and media. A custom SMS API integration was also set up to send this information easily.

Reson8, a digital solution from Unique Computer Systems, is an effective and easy way to send marketing messages, notifications, or alerts.

The client’s CRM system was integrated with our APIs to collect product information from the system to be sent to the doctors via Reson8’s SMS portal post-visits. Each SMS included a one-time URL to easily track opens and clicks.

The product management team had to constantly update the system with new product information. This information was then used to create small videos to send to doctors to showcase various products.

Unique Computer Systems also developed a microsite to show the various product media and information.

Using the microsite the sales reps could easily show doctors new product releases, samples, and displays.

Additionally, post-meeting the reps could send videos of product samples and product details via SMS based on the products the doctors were interested in.

Custom APIs were built to do campaign analysis and to automatically sync contacts from the backend application of the company to Reson8 to update the contacts.

With the customization of contact management, the sales reps can only view contacts of the country they are in.

Unique Computer Systems provided an option for the admin team to set access for each user to control access to the application.

Reson8 served as a platform for the company to send out personalized messages to the doctors, with all the templates and message content being controlled by the client.

Every SMS campaign included a unique URL to track the open rates and the number of clicks. This information was fed back to the CRM systems to get a proper understanding to check interest levels and plan for future campaigns. 

Unique Computer Systems made it easy for the client by providing them custom reports included with deeper analytics and statistics which helped analyze interest levels.

To adhere to the compliance policy of the company the links shared via SMS expire once the content has been viewed so it cannot be forwarded or copied. Additionally, the SMS messages are sent with an opt-out option enabling the client to run ethical SMS campaigns.

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