Reson8 (resonate) with your intended audience

Having a product or service that you know works and can help others to automate operational processes, always carries the issue of communicating and informing the right audience, to guarantee the value of investment in building the product or service.

To be able to get your message across you need to devise a strategy that allows you to engage your customers personally and practically on a one to one basis, while communicating to several hundred or several thousand at the same time. Basically, you need to try and get your message to resonate with your audience!

Resonance is defined as – “when one object vibrating at the same natural frequency of a second object forces that second object into vibrational motion…Resonance only occurs when the first object is vibrating at the natural frequency of the second object.”

Therefore, to resonate as defined above, you need to find the right tools and service that can help you make a deeper impact on the intended audience. There’s a tone, a frequency, a channel that will make a certain audience respond to the message you are communicating.

Reson8, a solution that has been supporting several businesses in the UAE and the MENA region achieve their communication success for over 2 decades, would be one that can help you effectively deliver your message through your preferred channel – SMS, Email, WhatsApp, or Social platforms!

If you are looking at two way communications to also receive feedback from your audience, Reson8 provides you support for this as well. Want to use WhatsApp and conversational AI automation to communicate with your customers, and employees at scale? Take a walk through of Reson8 Conversations to see how we can support you to use a WhatsApp Business Account and conversational AI automation with an agent interface for human agents to support your employees, customers and key points of contact

Sign-up for a free trial account and take a look at the tool that helps you achieve all of this through a single interface!


To realize the benefits of using Reson8, remember to use the following key steps to ensure your message and communication resonates (Reson8) with your audience.

• Know who you are preparing the message for.

Before creating the message you would like to send and the channel of communication you would like to use (SMS, Email, WhatsApp, Social Platform), your main focus should be on identifying the actual audience and how they prefer to receive your message

• Define the elements of the communication.

Will it be text only? Would you need images or graphical content like emojis? Would adding a shortened URL help for the recipient to get more information?

• Choose the right format for your content.

• Ask for the audience to engage with the content and provide their feedback.

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