RESON8 SMS: Achieving customer satisfaction in the automotive industry

Customer satisfaction is the key to maintaining a healthy relationship between automotive dealers and their customers. By providing the right service to the customer at the right time, a dealership will be able to enhance the value of the service provided and delight the customer.

In recent years, digital communications through email and text messaging tools and applications have enabled a variety of industries to establish a quick and direct communication channel between themselves and their customers.  Reson8 is one such tool that provides a complete SMS solution enabling organizations to use mobile messaging facilities to enhance their corporate information systems using existing infrastructure and line of business applications. Reson8 is a web-based, cost-effective option which can be used by businesses in the automotive industry to send text messages to individual customers to alert them of upcoming service schedules or to a large subset of customers to advise them on new vehicle models, promotions, product updates and more.

Dealers who have been using Reson8 over past few years have seen that Reson8 facilitates transmitting timely information to their customers in a reliable and efficient manner. Customers were informed about the status of their vehicle by receiving a SMS that alerted them of the projected time when they could collect their serviced vehicles.. Using two way messaging, dealerships and service centers can open a channel of communication with their customers and request their feedback on the quality of service provided or of their acceptance of a service charge for additional activities.  Sending a message as “Dear Mr. Abdullah, your vehicle is undergoing its scheduled 40,000 KM service. Would you like to add an engine flush to help keep your engine running smoothly and efficently? Please reply with a Y or N to  1234. Thank you for using our service centre”, would provide the option to the customer to reply and advise the service centre on their acceptance or rejection of the activity.

Dealers usually saw benefit in having two different approaches when it came to interacting with their customers via SMS. Their approach changed on the type of customer they would communicate with. For a new customer their messages would be informative, carrying promotional information regarding discounts and offers with seasonal greetings to enhance their brand’s customer loyalty. For e.g. “Special Ramadan discounts of 30% on parts and 10% on labor till 16th July. Call 800668677 or visit ABC Motors T&C Apply Opt out 1234”

For existing customers,  understanding their buying patterns and opting preferences would be key in constructing an attractive offer to increase engagement. For e.g. “As you are an regular online customer, XYZ Autos has an exclusive offer for your recent interest in Chevrolet models. Call Adam on 0501234567 and get the best deal on top of the current offer.”

Service centres could use SMS messaging to inform customers of new offerings and attract more customers to partake of their services by using messages as “Come and experience the new XYZ Cadillac Service Centre for mechanical and body repairs. Call 041234567/0501234567 for your appointment.”

Seasonal changes also allow new opportunities for car dealers and service centers to connect with their customers. Dealers saw an opportunity to increase customer satisfaction rating, by sending out seasonal reminders for air-conditioning servicing prior to the advent of the high summer temperatures. This called in a mandate to perform tire and wiper checks before the rainy season kicks in, leading to an increase in the customer retention rate.

The reliability by volume and feasibility in terms of cost of Reson8 is most appreciated by our clients who have seen the value of using SMS messaging. It not only increases their customer responses and inquiries but it also lets them build a profile on their targeted customers to ensure that their processes have the element of customer satisfaction as a measure of quality control within them.

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