Reson8 with your customers

Resonate with your customers

What does Reson8 mean and how does it help you connect with your customers?

When something “resonates with you,” it hits you on an emotional or thought level because you can relate to it. It evokes a feeling and moves you.
When you “resonate with something”, there is an increased propensity for you to take action towards that topic.

So, when you tell someone that something “resonated with you,” you’re saying that it hit your natural frequency. And, while most things would normally not affect you, it found that sweet spot that moved you.

– Marcel Iseli,

This was the core reason behind, Reson8, our state-of art omni channel communication tool, that helps you to share your marketing and informational messages with your customers – Instantly and Effectively – to build and nurture your relation and to boost their engagement with your brand and service.

Reson8 provides the right combination of tools to help you get commercial benefit from your communication strategy by offering message management, communication targeting, content personalization, conversational experiences, and multiple methods of message delivery.

With Reson8, a business can deliver its message through automation and use its preferred channel of communication – SMS, Email, Push notifications, Web notifications, and WhatsApp conversations – to navigate the recipients of its communication towards the desired goal and help their decision making process.

By using content personalization, the content in the message can also be tailored for the targeted audience to increase the value of the communication and It also provides built-in reports to track campaign trends, delivery status and subscriber interactions. With a increasing number of features, Reson8 is the chosen tool for a large number of business across a variety of industries as it helped them achieve their desired results.

When you resonate, you are doing something that calls attention, gets others to connect with you at an emotional level and may drive them to learn more, follow your thought process and engage with you.

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